Benefits for candidates

Let us work for you and offer positions in high-class households. You benefit from our know-how and the time-saving for access to interesting positions in the occupational groups: a housekeeper, housekeepers, housekeeper, governess, nanny, nannies, chefs / cooks, nurses, Hauswirtschafterpaar, private secretary, private secretary, gardener, chauffeur and other related professions. Should you not have an education and experience in one of the above occupations of private households can, then you should necessarily take our free service.

Of course we also provide for business and are very strong in the composition of staff in the Secretariat as well as in finance and accounting. Furthermore, we provide IT professionals and staff of middle management. Again, we ask for your application. 

Confidentiality is a matter of course for us 

We agree with you every step - Application documents will only be used in agreement with you. 

They are factual and objective information about the position, work environment, businesses and conditions. 

Simply get in touch with us. 

Contact Please contact us if you contact us.

We also provide part-time positions for a permanent position with good salary in housekeepers and teachers!!

Application You can apply 

We communicate since 1991 handpicked, qualified domestic staff in sophisticated, upscale homes and property with the following professions: housekeeper, housekeepers, domestic help, maids, Hauswirtschafterpaar, janitor, teacher, tutor, nanny, nanny, housekeeper, Besorgerin, housekeeper, chauffeur, butler, valet , nurse, nurse, chef, cook, Private Secretary, Private Secretary, security personnel.

Our knowledge and experience at your service!